PUSH4M – A major boost from a new investor in the person of Bruno Maisonnier

PRESS RELEASE PUSH4M in the MONITEUR MATERIELS, Fabienne BERTHET Paris, 4th October 2017


PUSH4M – A major boost from a new investor

A new investor gives a major boost to Push4M

As a result of Push4M’s demonstrations of its lever arm prototype, a system inspired by human muscle movement, this company has gained a new investor in the person of Bruno Maisonnier.

Polytechnician Bruno Maisonnier is the inventor of the small humanoid robot known as Nao. Even as a youth, he was passionate about robotics. Now a new technology based on the workings of the human body has won over Bruno Maisonnier, who this summer decided to acquire an interest in the simplified joint stock company, Push4M. “The concept of Push4M’s lever arm is ground-breaking; it could mark a turning point in robot development”, Mr. Maisonnier stated.

“Bruno Maisonnier’s investment in Push4M will enable us to move faster with the miniaturisation of our prototype; it also adds even more credibility to our company’s market position offering a product with various applications – ranging from lifting gear to fully-fledged robotics”, explained Push4M’s President, Nicolas de Lussy.

Invented by Nicolas de Lussy, the Push4M technology breaks with conventional lifting methods. It is based on a lever arm that is inspired by the human body and more specifically on muscle expansion. Push4M is being closely monitored by tool and plant leaser KiLoutou and the company also collaborates with two engineering schools, INSA (Lyon) and EPF at Sceaux.


Contact: Gilles Roux, Copper Oak Management Consulting, Frankfurt am Main – www.copper-oak.com